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Uprising – II

Format: CD / LP
Status: erhältlich / available

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  1. Introduction
  2. There’s No Such Thing As Hope
  3. Uprise Part II
  4. A Lesson in Basic Human Empathy
  5. Monuments
  6. The Iron Eagles Still Fly
  7. Radical Decency

9/10 Undergrounded (GER)
8,5/10 Black Salvation (GER)
8,7/10 Zeyphyr’s Odem (GER)
10/10 Pest Webzine (ENG)
8/10 Ave Noctum (ENG)
93/100 Metal Archives (ENG)
9/10 Twilight Of The Winter (ESP)
“Black Metal mit radikalen Ansichten und einem Streben nach absoluter Freiheit. Ein großartiges Werk zwischen Aufschrei, kraftvoller Erhabenheit, Verachtung und Empathie… sensibel und ungebändigt wild zugleich – bitte mehr davon!” Unholy Black Art Of Ritual
“W could not have known just how vital “II” would be on a worldwide scale when he wrote the music, but this is a cosmically ideal time for Uprising’s return to our world.” MeatMeadMetal
“…The atmosphere is intensely visceral, filled with pain and righteous anger. There are moments of utter obliteration, such as the beginning of A Lesson In Basic Human Empathy, and moments of deep pathos, such as Uprise Part II. Let this soundtrack be the spark that lights your action for change.” MoshPitNation
“Trust me on this, you are definitely going to be hearing a lot more about this album, both from me and from a lot of other sources, before 2020 is over. It’s the right record, for the right moment in time, and needs/deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.” No Clean Singing