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Eoront – Dhaar

Format: Digipak MCD
Status: erhältlich / available



  1. 1. The Rite
  2. 2. The Sun Of The Spirit

“Sowohl The Rite als auch The Sun of the Spirit leben jeweils von einer tragenden Melodie, deren Thema sich durch den Song zieht und von folkloristischen Passagen mit Kehlkopf-Gesang und Percussion-Elementen durchbrochen wird.[…]Wer von der Musik von DRUDKH, WODENSTHRONE, SAOR aber auch MOONSORROW angetan ist, der sollte auch EORONT eine Chance geben.” Vampster
“The band has a fantastic talent for creating haunting and beautiful melodies that feel melancholic and depressive, but also offer brighter feelings at the same time. They have worked with the interaction of musky moments and lighter pieces and have melted all those elements into one great piece of sinister and eerie music. The ambient soundscapes dwelling in the dark give “Dhaar” a fantastic and gloomy character. Rounded of by nice vocal work and a well-done production job which is offering enough clarity and diversity this is a disc easily worth adding to the collection.” Metal Archives